how to make money on pornhub

Hi everyone. There is not an hard answer for this question. It’s very simple.

Do you have adult content? Your own adult content? Great!

Now you can setup few things, two different options in pornhub to make some money. How much money it depends on your content and how you publish and promote.

But lets see details.

Model account: create a model account, simply register to pornhub as normal user, than use the contact form and contact them, saying you are a model, amateur, with your own content. They will setup your account as model and it gonna be able to generate income from every single view. Your videos will be available for free users, and every click it receive, you will get payed.

Studio account: as for model account, register to pornhub as normal user, contact them, saying you have a studio. To do this, you need your own website and affiliate system. Then, you will be able to upload your videos, HD only, into premium area. Thats the area in pornhub that gonna generate your income. For every view from payed users you will get payed. number of views are much lower than free area, but ratio is much higher. But, under your videos will be your banners, visitors will click on it and reach your site and for every sale, pornhub will make his % from your affiliate program.

Important tips: in both cases, it’s highly recommended that you gonna put a watermark on your videos. a site name, or pornhub channel name. consider this: pornhub users will download your videos and someone gonna share it or repost it in other sites. it’s very common, and you cannot do much about it. So is very important that your videos are watermarked. Not because you can protect your content, but when users will share it at least you will have some reklam. People who will see it in other sites, can see your site name or pornhub channel into the video, and come and see more of your content. Means, more views = more money.

Let me know what you think about this article. Need more infos?

ops, I forgot to show you why I know what I’m saying

how to make money on pornhub

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